BIGGEST Scams People Actually Fell For!

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If something just a seems a little bit too good to be true, it normally is… Or is it the best investment of your life? Not sure if you should sent that travellers check to Nigeria in order inherit millions of dollars?

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6. Designer Water Bottles
How stupid do we think americans must possibly be? Let’s sell them water and see how well it turns out. Seems like it was a bold move that’s paid off and now plastic water bottles are one of the most common non biodegradable pieces of trash out there. Are we being scammed right now as we speak? For example lets take a look at the company veen from Lapland, finland. Finland is already known to have amazing tap water so you got to be curious how their expensive bottled water would taste. Argued to be the purest of all bottled water in the world, is priced at 23 dollars for 750 milliliters. Some tend to feel as though tap water is basically the same thing as what you’re getting from the bottle They also put quite a bit of effort in to the water bottle design which is basically proof of how marketing can make just about anyone buy anything! Whatever they’ve done seems to be working because americans drink at least 12.8 million gallons of bottled water each year.

5. Frank Abagnale
If you’re familiar with the film catch me if you can starring leonardo dicaprio, then you might known the story of our next one. Frank travelled the world pulling all kinds of check frauds, changing his identity and making all kinds of dough! From a young age, he was able to forge ID’s good enough to say he was 10 years older. One of his biggest scams was a 2.8 million dollar check from pan am airways. After escaping authorities, abagnale moved to France but before you know it, he got caught and was arrested by the French police. He now works with the FBI, trying to help find other scammers who are doing similar things. It almost seems like he’s been praised for his crimes and even got to play a quick incognito role in the film made about his life!

4. Brooklyn Bridge For Sale
Another iconic structure known throughout the world has been used as a tool for scam in the past. Apparently people do fall for this kind of stuff. If you can sell the eiffel tower, why not a bridge? New waves of irish immigrants became victims of fake property sales and somehow he was able to convince everyone that he did own it. He used a fake office and forged document as evidence. Parker also tried to sell things such as the madison square garden, grant’s tomb, and the statue of liberty. He got away with this strange practice for 30 years, probably because people became too embarrassed to come forward about their stupid fake purchase. He got to enjoy the hard earned money he would take for quite awhile until he was arrested and forced to spend the rest of his life in Sing Sing

3 Nigerian Prince Scam
Scams come from all around the world, but no other country seems to have more per capita! Large underground networks of nigerian scammers have been discovered, making all kinds of fake passports, false legal documentation and people who are just trying to get some money. Typically the Nigerian prince scam is done online and a fairly convincing email is sent to unsuspecting people. It’ll state that someone has come across a large fortune of money that they have no legal right too. For example, the son of gaddafi came had billions of dollars of assets that have no legal owner after he was captured.. In order for someone to get a piece of that money, you have help with some legal fees, or other expenses before the government decides to seize the money. Of course, they want you to send you money by wiring it and everything stays confidential. They’ll get a 5 percent cut of a huge amount of money that’s just sitting there with no next in kin. You’d think that no one would be dumb enough to actually fall for this right? Since the emails are sent on a such a large scale, even just one sucker out of a 100 emails can result in a big pay day~

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