BIGGEST & Most Expensive Hollywood Mistakes

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From big blockbusters failures to stunts gone wrong here are the biggest hollywood mistakes

13. Roar
Trying to make a movie without all the crazy special effects back in the 1980’s was a little difficult. So in order to get some cool footage back in those times the movie producers had a to get a little up close and personal in order to make this movie as realistic as possible. The american adventure movie didn’t always use fake blood when filming. The actors are filmed with real actors who got attacked on screen and it’s not special effects! All of the crazy scenes of people getting bit by lions is real and it’s been deemed the most dangerous film shoot in history. The staff consisted two elephants, 110 lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, cougars, and jaguars! It was all a big waste of time because it lost the producers 15 million dollars, investing 17 million but only getting back 2 million at the box office.

12. Get Some Earplugs
Actors and film producers might not always realize how realistic or loud some prop weapons can be and just because they’re props doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous as we’re about to see. During the filming of Diehard in 1988, Bruce willis might have suffered partial hearing loss in one hear after he fired a blank round too close to his head. He reportedly lost ⅔ partial hearing from the incident and that kind of thing doesn’t heal up over night. The injury lingers on and he states that he hates having to get people to repeat things multiple times because of his hearing loss

11. A Rocky Filming
Things don’t always go smoothly on set and unexpected things can happen. Sometimes actors might be willing to go above and beyond what’s necessary in order to become a star. During the filming of the rocky movie about boxing, Sylvester Stallone went that extra step for an epic shot. He told Captain Ivan Drago, or dolph Lundgren the soviet infantry captain gold medal winner to punch him as hard as he could and Rocky ended up in the hospital. He was hit so har that his pericardial sac became swollen and pressed up against his heart. In case you didn’t known that’s the double-walled sac that contains the heart and important blood vessels. He stayed at the ICU for 9 days before he could return to work. Luckily the movie did well in the box office and it’s not like some we’re about to mention

10. Box Office Blunders
While we’re on the topic of Rocky, let’s go ahead and take a look at one of Hollywood’s biggest box office blunders, known as The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. Based off the televised cartoon which was popular among millennials growing up rocky and bullwinkle are a few of hollywood’s most famous animals with Rocky being the squirrel and bullwinkle being the moose. It featured kenan and Kel from the show all that and the legendary Robert deniro but it wasn’t a recipe for success. The total production cost 76 million dollars but only managed to muster up a measly 35 million dollars mean basically 41 million dollars was lost total. Jason Alexander and Rene Russo received nominations for supporting roles, when you thought all wasn’t lost until they didn’t get those awards either. Overall, it was big blunder trying to bring this cartoon to life

9. Pluto Nash
Another Box office blunder that made the world cringe was the film Pluto Nash which starred eddie murphy as the lead role and was released in 2002. The plotline is rather outlandish in the year 2080, on a moon colony called little america, where the protagonist gets involved in organized crime in outer space. Some of the jokes would be seen as crude or sexist by many critics and not in a funny way. We don’t wanna spoil it for anyone but it was overwhelming disliked by just about everyone. The cost of the production was roughly 130 million but it only managed to get 7.1 million dollars at the box office! You would think Eddie Murphy could have brought in a bigger crowd but that wasn’t the case. It goes down in history as being at least in the top 25 worst movies of all time by the golden raspberry awards.

8. Toxic Metal Makeup
Toxic metal makeup might sound like something worn by members of the band Kiss but that’s not what we’re refering too. We all remember the wizard of oz as being one of the all time most rememberable classic american films but there’s some dark secrets about the production that the public doesn’t always hear about, which may ruin your childhood favorite movie. In order for the tin man to look as metalic as possible, his face was painted with makeup which contained silver and it lead to a horrible allergy causing lung failure and hospitalization for 2 weeks. He then got an eye infection from a different kind of makeup causing another 4 days of delay. Luckily though, he made it out alive

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