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Bigfoot Files: The TRUTH Behind the Legend

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Many of you have wondered about the possibility of Big Foot being out there somewhere, lurking around in the forest. A creature that’s escaped captivation and has heightened senses to the point where only sighting of him become possible. But who is bigfoot exactly and how have witnesses described him in the past? Where could he possibly be living? Recently the FBI released documents pertaining to an official investigation which we’ll be taking a look at as well. Here are the Bigfoot files: the truth behind the legend

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5.Dewey Lake Monster
Several reported sighting of this mysterious cryptid have happened in densely forested areas of Michigan near dewey lake. It also goes by the name of the Michigan Bigfoot or the Sister Lakes Sasquatch. He matches pretty closely to descriptions of the yeti or the Gigantopithecus Blacki and it wasn’t just complete bigfoot hunting conspiracy nuts who have spotting him either. A well respected sheriff in town named Paul Parrish had his own encounter, claiming it was the strangest moment of his 33 year career in law enforcement. He claims that good hard-working honest people were typically the witnesses but not all wanted press coverage. Many witnesses never went to the press and didn’t want to be associated with the strange creature they had seen. It even lead to a police investigation.

4.Bigfoot Utah
While photographing nature in the Payson Canyon, someone caught an unbelievable mystery on tape in spring 2015. This strange creature appears as though it’s walking on two feet like a human but has hairy skin like that of an ape. Is it possible there is a prehistoric primate walking around the woods in Utah? The images have already stirred up some drama on the Paranormal review channel on youtube and the man who filmed it, kept it close secret for about a year. He said he was nervous people would claim he’s completely crazy. The mysterious creature seems to disappear suddenly and the photographer loses sight of him. Many have suggested that the film is indeed genuine. If it was a well-planned hoax, there would have been better glimpses. Most people, however some still claim that the footage is just a man in a gorilla costume.

3.Zana the Yetiwoman
The history of some type of human ape hybrid is deeply ingrained in Russian folklore but a very interesting case comes from a mysterious wild woman known as Zana. She was captured from the forest by a group of hunters and, completely covered in hair in the 1850’s. Zana was sold to a local nobleman who wanted to tame her and kept her as a servant until she passed away 40 years later. She still had 4 sons despite her ape-like appearance from local men who likely had too much vodka. The story is still extraordinary and DNA tests from her offsprings leading them to believe her ansestors migrated from africa 100,000 years ago. This extremely tall creature was taken from her home in the remote areas of the Caucasus Mountains. She was believed to be the last living Neanderthal, extremely muscular and could outrun a horse at full speed. Her height at 6 foot 6 would seem to make her the proper height for a big foot bride. Is it possible cavemen still walked this planet? Scientists still believe it’s possible in isolated areas that receive little to no human contact.

2.Russian Yeti
The Russian yeti myth tells a tale about a violent ape-like creature who lives in the Ural mountains and in other isolated regions in Russia. The students were found with tents that were slashed from the inside and suffered wounds like cracked skulls and ribs. This was known as the Dylatov pass incident and people either believe it was caused from the yeti or possible even aliens.The details are truly gruesome but supernatural enough to make people question the true narrative of what took place. could the culprit behind this attack be from a mysterious creature? In 2015, hikers captured footage of a bear like creature walking through a snowy forest and they believed they found a true yeti. The footprints were plastered and they estimate that the animal that was walking weighs at least 450 pounds. Some are convinced that this proof of the Yeti while many remain skeptical.


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