Bias Response Teams: New at Reason

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In their quest for fostering sensitive and inclusive university communities, bias response teams—administrators policing student speech and behavior—feel cramped by that pesky old First Amendment, Liz Wolfe writes.

These administrators seemed to understand they’re restrained from cracking down of free speech, especially on public campuses. One administrator, Jennifer, said, “We can’t have [offensive groups] removed…How can we be proactive knowing that these groups will come? What kind of support can we give to the students that are triggered when they see these folks and being mindful of that?” Lisa, from a public university in the northeast, expressed frustration at not being able to respond to hateful incidents because “our hands were tied because of the freedom of speech.”

Susan, works for a public university, said, “Much of the criticism that we get is the distinction that we make at the university between free speech and hate speech. Hate speech

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