BEST Ways To Get FIRED From Your Job

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From strange pranks coworkers have pulled, to posting the wrong photos on facebook here are best ways to get fired.

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7. Being a Wizard
If you could make things really magically disappear, you probably wouldn’t be working at a middle school but the schools got ridiculous on this one. A teacher was fired for witchcraft in Land o Lakes, Florida. All Jim Piculas did was perform a magic involving a toothpick but he didn’t know it’d be his last magic trick on school campus. Abracadabra, you’re in the unemployment line. A substitute coordinator let him know quite quickly that it wasn’t gonna roll and he was fired. Strangely enough, this wasn’t the first time a teacher has been performed for magic tricks. The school district claimed it was for other reasons but it’s believed a parent made a complaint about the magic tricks and it quickly escalated. Should he now be able to add wizardry on his job application? If this man is truly a wizard, we’re sure he’s off to better things such as slaying dragons and putting spells on those who fired him!

6. Donut Sampling
When your boss asks you to buy them some donuts and you bring them back a box like this, it might get you fired. Donuts aren’t really wine and you don’t have to sample each one for a taste test it, unless it’s krispy kreme. It’s possible an employee got a little bit disgruntled when the boss wasn’t sharing donuts and decided to take a bite of each one. We suppose it’s still edible if you just cut off the part where they bit.

5. Too Many Sick Days
We imagine you’ve probably called in a few times with an excuse to your boss at some point in time. But social media can also come back to haunt you in this case. If you tell someone who works there one excuse but on facebook you’re posting a status of opening day at wrigley field, than you might get in trouble. Whether you’re truly sick or not, the employer is only going to put up with it for so long before they start to get impatient. And once you get back to work from your vacation or sick days don’t be a slacker because you got work to make up!

4. Resume Lies
Have you ever wanted to get a college degree but didn’t want to put all the time, effort, money and studying to get one? Well good thing you can get one on the black market! What school do you want to graduate? Harvard, Yale, Princeton? It doesn’t really matter! Because it’s only gonna cost you a few hundred bucks anyways! What do you want to be? A Doctor, a Lawyer, Engineer? Counterfeit degrees can seem to be a way to fake that you’re smart. Put it on your resume and see what happens.One day the employer will realize that you have idea what the heck you’re doing! Being underqualified for a position you apply for might come back to haunt you in the long run.

3. Being Rude to Customers
It might seem unfair that an employee can’t lash out on a customer who is screaming at them from the top of their lungs! If you’ve worked in the telemarketing industry, you’d probably know about this. You might see a flight attendant getting yelled at but most of the time, they’ll be polite until you get dragged out of the plane. We’re sure that inside their heads they’re thinking of just about every curse word in the book.

2. Noodles in the Coffee Pot
Some claim it’s simple, while others claim its madness.There might be a life hack out there floating around the web which depicts people placing spaghetti into the coffee pot. But be aware because it’s also a cooking fail in most cases and could get you fired. We’re not sure how it works exactly because we haven’t tried it ourselves. It could be a good prank if you can get away with it, if you brew coffee with noodles inside the cup already.

Not Following Procedure
Whether it’s not following dress code or getting into inappropriate relationships there are some certain norms you’re supposed to already know. You can only show up late so often and get away with it. Presidents of the United States have been impeached for not following procedure. code of conduct when you’re off clock might be enforced as well. What’s the point of having money if you can’t have some fun right? Some have reported being fired for poorly timed expulsion of internal gas during important meetings. You just got to hold it in or,,, You might get fired!

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