Best Swords For The Zombie Apocalypse!

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The sword has been used to bring a fall to empires since ancient times and a symbol of power and strength. Making a sword requires a lot of hard work and dedications, it’s often considered by some cultures to be a sacred process. Warriors equipped with this tool are known for displaying great skill and bravery. It has quite the advantage over firearms since you can take out zombies in complete silence. From swords that give you a tactical advantage in escaping zombies, to swords capable of swift annihilation, here are best swords for the zombie apocalypse!

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8. NInja Sword
While they might share some resemblance to Samurai swords, ninja swords are actually quite different. Swords used by ninjas are normally straighter and shorter than samurai katanas. The swords that were found that belong to ninjas come from the Edo period. Other ninja swords before this time have not been discovered. Ninjas are always going for well things look, because normally people hide the fact that they were a ninja to begin with. Ninja’s could even use their sword, somewhat like a ladder. Then when he’s over the wall, he can pull up the sword with a strap attached to him. If the sword was curved, it might be harder to pull off this maneuver.

7. Two Handed Sword
Just the sight of one may cause looters to run away in fear and it’d be one beast to go against in the zombie apocalypse.Bigger and heavier ones would soon become popular after the fall of the roman empire, which would lead to the two handed sword In an effort to break through chain and plate mail the sword started to become a sharp club in a sense.The two handed sword would likely be best utilized by people with good upper body strength and have practiced swinging this thing around a little bit. Knights would spend countless hours dueling each other with these so it might be hard to get on that kind of level. The heavy two handers will likely work best to fight other humans or for intimidation purposes. It shouldn’t do too bad against zombies but it might get tiring swinging it around and make sure you don’t wack anyone on your zombie team.

6. Butterfly sword
Typically measuring about the size of a human forearm, these swords can be concealed fairly easily within someone’s sleeve or boots. Most of the time they’re pretty heavy but balanced for combat. The added weight of the cold hard steel will come with added power, making it a decent option for chopping firewood or zombies that are getting too close. Butterfly swords are made for close quarter combat by chinese monks and can be used as brass knuckles in the right situation or as a finishing move. They’re also designed so that the owner can keep two inside their hilt or even use both with one hand. The mobility and convenience will make a good sword to go with during the zombie apocalypse but there are definitely more that do a bit more damage.

5. Khopesh Sickle Sword
One of the first designs for an ancient sword was the khopesh sickle sword that you might have seen in the scorpion king movies. The sickle design comes from a tool farmers in ancient egypt to cut grain so should also be useful if you decide to establish an agricultural settlement. Although it was typically made from bronze in ancient times, modern day steel versions can do a lot of damage on zombies.

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