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Best Places for LOOT During the Zombie Apocalypse

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You probably should have got stuff from these places before the apocalypse began but ended up procrastinating and now there’s only one thing you can do, looting and lots of it. Grab your night vision goggles, a crowbar and your flashlight because scavenging for what’s left over, may become your only option. To places where you might find the perfect katana, to eating whatever you can find in pet stores. Here are the best places to loot in the zombie apocalypse

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6.Matsumoto Castle
This is one of Japan’s most historical castles and it could also prove to be one of the best during the zombie apocalypse if it hits this country. Not only is it surrounded by a moat it features walls and gatehouses to further its protection. The origins date back to the early 1500 when it was built by Shimadachi Sadanaga. It’s been renovated several times which should keep it in good condition as long as no fires break out since part of it is made from wood. The 2nd floor should also be equipped with japanese samurai armor and have some katanas that you can use to your advantage against zombies. The only way to get in is through a bridge which you could boobie trap or even demolish if you think it’s a good idea. There are also a decent amount of windows that should help you spot a zombie from a long distance.

Consider targeting freight trains for loot during the zombie apoclaypse and try to get your hands on just about anything.Do your best to find a way to get on cargo trains and steal commodities that can be resold on the streets to other survivors. Successful looters will have a decent amount of planning and also will use high technology like night ray vision to conduct their raids. Trains carrying anything from shoes, computers, cell phones and other highly valuable objects often run through rough parts of town. Trains over 150 cars long are often difficult to keep secure and will be targeted by thieves. Once the loot is secure, it’ll find its way on the black market for a discounted price to buyers.

4.Loot The Zombies
As you are wandering around the world of the undead, you will come across valuable commodities that will become extremely useful. Your journey will be filled with surprises and possibly hidden treasures left over from the time when people weren’t eating each others brains! Whether it’s jewelry looted from people’s fingers or even body armor worn by police, keep your eyes out for these things! The barter system will take over once the apocalypse strikes and you need to have something ready to trade! The wedding rings that were once symbols of peoples marriage, will make easy targets and you can melt those down into bullion!

3.Police Stations
We wouldn’t typically suggest you do this but it’s the apocalypse, what do you have to lose?This one might be difficult and you’re going to need a crew that knows what they’re doing in order to pull this off. The police station will more than likely have powerful firearms and ammunition which will definitely come in handy. Mainly of these buildings contain alarm systems which will attract noise and therefore attracted zombies, so careful planning is needed. Have a look out who’s ready to take out anything harming your chances . Get your supplies, watch out zombie cops and get the heck out. Although firearms are loud, and ammunition will be limited, check to see if they have things like riot gear and or body armor as well.

2.Pet Store
You really might cringe at the thought of having to resort this low but some people might realize that dog food is all that’s left. It’s completely canned and full of protein which almost makes it an excellent food source during the zombie apocalypse. Whether it’s dried dog food or the wet kind, or even doggie biscuits, it might be your only choice during this dramatic scenario. Since most have already looted the large grocery stores this leaves pet stores as a backup option when you’re desperate for food. Who knows, if you put a little hot sauce on it, it might not be that bad. Plus it’s not a bad idea to bring home a new puppy who you can use as a companion during the zombie apocalypse. People will want to feed their pets in any case and there should be plenty of value in looting a pet store. Maybe you can even train a parrot to tell you when zombies are coming?


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