Best Boats To SURVIVE the Zombie Apocalypse

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One of the best ways possible to escape a crumbling civilization that’s being ravaged by zombies is to get on a boat and go as far as possible. Many boats are pretty expensive and not all were meant to be boarded for long period of times. Some of these vehicles will get you get to your remote lake hide out while other maybe more suitable for long term inhabitation. From affordable boats made from wood and bamboo to yachts that seem like they will stand the test of time, here are the best boats for the zombie apocalypse.

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First of all, we should mention that zombies can’t swim so it’s basically impossible for them to chase you while you’re kayaking. Kayaking skills goes hand and hand with offroading skills and if you can take your offroading vehicle to a proper kayaking location, you should be in the clear. You may have to escape to an island somehow in order to fully escape the zombies and the most price efficient and safest way to do that would be by kayak. Sure you could try to swim to the island, but what if there are zombie sharks or if the water is contaminated. Keep in mind, your paddles could be used as a zombie fighting tool. So get your wetsuit on and hit the rivers because it could save your life when the apocalypse finally arrive

If you don’t have the funds for a boat, you can consider making one out of recyclable material. This ship built from entirely recyclable plastics in 2009, specifically 2 liter bottles and was set to sail across the pacific. David de Rothschild, relative of the notorious rothschild family was the main force behind the project, making some wonder if there was a sinister motive behind plastiki. The entire boat ended up weighing 11 tons, used an organic glue to keep it together and ways to harvest food on board were created. In March of 2010, it set sail from San Francisco and arrived in Sydney Harbour just a few months later. David was given all kinds of awards for his efforts for making everyone aware of climate change and things we can do to prevent. With his ties to the new world order, you have to wonder if this is a way to push an agenda like global warming which can lead to taxes from the UN or global government.

4.Pedal Boat
Most of the time, people get on pedal boats are looking for a relaxing way to enjoy the body of water and get a little exercise at the same time. It might be a lot less relaxing or romantic when the zombie apocalypse is here but it could certainly prove to be a reliable vehicle. By not having a reliance on fuel, you can basically pedal until your legs are tired or until your boat begins to have problems. The number one pedal boat on amazon goes for about 719 dollars but has it’s obvious advantages over an inflatable raft besides the price tag. Pedal boats typically have some kind of shade which will protect your from elements like the sun. Your legs are also more powerful than your arms which will help cover a longer distance. Pedal boats are little less portable than inflatable rafts so choose carefully.

3.Turanor Planet Solar
If you can take advantage of the sun’s power, you can essentially travel around the world and that’s exactly what the Turanor Planet Solar did. In 2012, it became the first electric vehicle to circumnavigate the globe. This can certainly be one of the best boats for the zombie apocalypse but like many boats on this list, it’s gonna have some setbacks. Utilizing solar technology isn’t going to come cheap and it cost roughly 15 million euro to make. Solar power boats have been popping up in places like australia that might be cheaper but still difficult to obtain. You can’t just go on amazon and purchase one, you might have to find a way to build one yourself for an affordable price.

2.Alaskan Fishing Boat
Especially fishing off the coast of Alaska can be quite a hazardous profession. These fishermen risk their lives in order to provide us with some of the best seafood in the world. Fishing in Alaska due to the unpredictable weather has made it one of the most dangerous professions in the country. Some of the boats have been designed with big storms in mind to help them make it out alive. Since it has the ability to gather a large amount of food with one big catch, it certainly deserves a place on this list. Seafood should still be rather abundant possibly uncontaminated from the zombie outbreak. Just make sure you bring some tartar sauce and melted butter along with these boats and the end of days might not be so bad.


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