Being kind to older people is good, but neighbours can’t give social care

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Minority ethnic communities are better at ‘social care’, and we should learn from them, said Jackie Doyle-Price, the care minister at the Conservative Party Conference recently.

She was echoed by Dr Phillip Lee, a GP who is also the justice minister. He told Age UK that British society has become ‘atomised’, and selfish, and ‘quite sick’.

Neighbourliness is no substitute for investment in social care.Reuters

They both believe that families and neighbours should do more to help their elderly – and that minority ethnic communities are an example of how it should be done.

A report by Age UK says that depression is a huge problem among the over-55s, because of a number of issues, including loneliness. The report said ‘talking therapies’ helped a good deal. Of course they would; we all need someone to talk to. And this is where being a kind neighbour can make the world of difference.

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