BANNED Cars You’re Not Allowed To Drive

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You might like to think that you have the freedom to drive and register just about any vehicle out there you can afford. But if you’re here in the US you might be in for a surprise. Other countries might have laws that are less strict about what you take out on the streets the united states isn’t one of them! From cars that are too fast and too furious to be allowed to drive, to cars that are extremely difficult to import, here are cars that are banned in the US!

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8. 1992 Smart Crossblade
Although it might look like it would be a fun go cart to give to your kids, you better not because this thing isn’t legal in the US. The Smart crossblade was first produced in 1992 and the design seemed like something out of the future. The smart crossblade never really reached the american market, mainly for lacking certain safety qualities. As you can notice, one again, there are no doors, windows, roof and just over al doesn’t seem to safe to drive. But then you have to ask yourself if some cars are too risky to drive because of a lack of those features, why don’t just ban motorcycles too while they’re at it.

7. Noble M600
Another British automobile banned in the US is the noble M600 which is a supercar made from stainless steel and carbon fibre. It can go from 0 to 60 in less than 3 seconds which makes it rather clear why it’s not street legal here. Not only that, it costs consumers about 200,000 pounds to own. If this super car had some more safety features, it would probably be okay here in the US but probably would be a little bit slower. Would you be willing to risk a little safety for some extra horsepower? Let us know in the comment section!

6. Ford Focus Rs500
You might be wondering how the heck a ford vehicle built in the US can actually be banned in the US but the Rs500 certainly wasn’t your average focus. It can hit a speed of 60 miles an hour in only 5.4 seconds and featured a 5 cylinder engine that could produce 345 horsepower. Only 500 of these speed demons were constructed. Most of the original ones were fitted with a charcoal paint job like you see in this photo. Ford made changes of course and the ford focus’s we see today, certainly abide by our limitations.

5. Alfa Romeo 8C Spider
Another car that’s illegal because our government is lame and doesn’t want fast cars, the Alfa Romeo 8C spider. It certainly looks pretty cool and has the power and speed to back up its alfa looks. It really didn’t bother the company too much because it sold just fine to other countries around the world with less strict safety requirements. It’s rather unfortunate because many consider this to be one of the best alfa romeos ever built.

4. TVR Sagaris
Another car from TVR, the sagaris is also super fast but can be super dangerous if it gets in a crash, especially at a high speed. This car also has no airbags, and no ABS which means you’d have to be really careful taking this thing out on the road. It seems like it was primarily constructed for racing and is still legal in the UK. TVR claims that they make up for the lack of air bags with its design to be resistant to rollover. Being able to reach 60 miles an hour in only 2.9 seconds might be a little too much acceleration for the average joe even with safety features.

3. 2004 Ultima Edition Volkswagen
Volkswagens are one of the most popular foreign cars on american streets but not everyone is going to be legal in the US. If you go to the dealership and ask for a 2004 ultima edition volkswagen, you’re probably not gonna get it! It was declared to be illegal for safety reasons despite being rather slow compared to others on this list. One of the main reasons it was banned was because of the engine being in the back and having the trunk in the front. Other versions of the beetle are perfectly legal in the good ole US of A.

2. Honda Beat
Although this car isn’t technically illegal, it is extremely hard to get your hands on! That’s because they aren’t made in the US and exporting them would require a lot connections and money. It’s extremely compact, hits the max speed of 87 miles an hour, and exclusively in Japan. The car is nicely priced, which would mean it would probably sell well here in the US but others think it wouldn’t do too well here because of its size. A head on collision with an SUV here in the states and it’ll likely get turned into a pancake! Sporting 64 horsepower and 3 cylinder engine, it should at least be easy to parallel park.


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