Authorities in Utah Seized Nearly $3 Million in Cash and Assets From Citizens Last Year

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West Coast Surfer/picture alliance / moodboard/NewscomUtah police seized more than $1.4 million in cash during 2016 and federal law enforcement agencies operating in Utah took another $1.3 million in assets from people suspected of crimes, a new report shows.

Utah is one of just a few states in the country to require an annual report on asset forfeiture, the practice by which cops seize cash, cars, and other property believed to have been used in a crime or obtained with the proceeds of a crime.

The new report, released this month by the state Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice, shows there were 400 forfeiture cases in Utah during 2016, with cash being seized in 99 percent of those cases.

In one case highlighted by the Salt Lake Tribune, cops seized cars and other property—including “a $25 flashlight…a $4,000 mountain bike, a $2,500 motorcycle and a guitar autographed by Led

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