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Roy Moore Rejected (Yet Again), IRS Warns About Pre-Paying Taxes, Fine Upheld Against Bakery over Gay Wedding Cake: P.M. Links

CAMERON CARNES/UPI/NewscomRoy Moore’s last-minute attempt to stop the certification of the results of Alabama’s senate election has been rejected by a circuit judge. Doug Jones has been formally declared the victor. The IRS says that people who prepaid their property taxes for 2018 in order to take advantage of deductions that are being scaled back […]

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Warning: Don’t Bring Your Legal Marijuana Through Internal Border Checkpoints in California

On Monday, recreational marijuana sale and use becomes officially legal under California law. But a warning for folks who live in the southern part of the state: You may have problems if you try to bring marijuana through internal border checkpoints. Despite legalization, Border Patrol agents in the many internal stopping points in California will […]

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Congress Kicks Surveillance Debate into 2018

Short extension of FISA snooping powers shoved into temporary spending bill. Scott Shackford|Dec. 27, 2017 2:05 pm Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/NewscomAs 2017 comes to a close, Congress, still divided over how (or whether) to limit federal surveillance authorities, has kicked the can down the road to at least January 19. As part of a continuing […]

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A Record-Setting White Christmas in Erie, Putin Critic Barred from Running Against Him, Cities Sue over Pentagon’s Failure to Report Convictions to FBI: P.M. Links

Fadeichev Sergei/ZUMA Press/NewscomErie, Penn., had a whiter-than-thou Christmas with a two-day snowfall accumulation of 53 inches, a record for the state. Frequent Vladimir Putin critic Alexei Navalny has been barred from running against Putin because of fraud charges he says are political retribution. He’s calling for a boycott of the election. New York City, Philadelphia, […]

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Stop Expecting the Justice Department to Fix Your City’s Abusive Fining and Policing Practices

Yin Bogu Xinhua News Agency/NewscomOne would be forgiven for thinking that over the holiday weekend, Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave cities permission to throw poor people in jail and burden them with huge fines. There were headlines that suggested exactly that. (Here’s one from Vice: “Jeff Sessions gives OK for towns like Ferguson to hit […]

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U.N. Rejects Naming Jerusalem Capital of Israel, Inauguration Day Protesters Found Not Guilty, Trump Commutes First Sentence: P.M. Links

Carol Guzy/ZUMA Press/NewscomCountries in the United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly voted in favor of a resolution rejecting President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The first pack of Inauguration Day protesters the Justice Department had prosecuted for roles in rioting have all been found not guilty. There are going to be more trials […]

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The Great Illinois Exodus

Will fiscal responsibility follow? Or is it too late? Scott Shackford|Dec. 21, 2017 1:05 pm The migration of citizens out of the financially volatile state of Illinois has finally caused it to drop in population rankings. Once the fifth-most-populous state, the U.S. Census reports this week that Illinois has been surpassed by Pennsylvania. And who […]

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Congress Mulls Passing Most Intrusive Federal Surveillance Bill Available (Update: Bill Is Dead ‘For Now’)

Today the House may vote to renew the authority of the FBI and National Security Agency (NSA) to engage in unwarranted surveillance and codify its use against Americans. Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Amendments expires at the end of the year. The regulations are used by federal intelligence agencies to snoop […]

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Amtrak Train Derails Near Seattle, Puerto Rico to Recount Hurricane Deaths, Judge Kozinski Steps Down Amid Scandal: P.M. Links

Alex Milan Tracy/Sipa USA/NewscomAn Amtrak train derailed off an overpass south of Seattle this morning, and there have been at least six deaths reported. This was the inaugural trip for a higher-speed passenger train system intended to travel to Portland. The crash prompted President Donald Trump to tweet that his infrastructure plan needs to be […]

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