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14-Year-Old Girl Sends Explicit Photo of Herself; Cops Charge Her with Distributing Child Porn

Goodween123 / DreamstimeThe American Civil Liberties Union wants a Minnesota judge to dismiss charges against “Jane Doe,” a 14-year-old girl in trouble for sending a sexually explicit picture of herself to another teenager. Authorities charged Doe with distributing child pornography, even though the only image she circulated was of her own body. “She was not […]

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A False Accusation and Unfair Investigation Derailed This Student Athlete’s Life

Duquesne University / FacebookIn 2014, a white female student at the University of Findlay accused two black athletes of sexually assaulting her. The university expelled the two men—a basketball player and a football player—24 hours later, without bothering to interview witnesses who would have contradicted the accusation. According to the two men’s lawsuit against Findlay, […]

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If Aziz Ansari Were a College Student, He Could Have Been Expelled for Less

Kevin Sullivan/ZUMA Press/NewscomLast week, published an anonymous woman’s account of her date with actor/comedian Aziz Ansari, who she says pressured her into uncomfortable and unwanted sex, failing to heed her “verbal and non-verbal cues.” In response, the internet has produced wave after wave of takes. The Atlantic’s Caitlin Flanagan said the article was “3,000 […]

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The Handmaid’s Tale Author Margaret Atwood Accused of Crimes Against Feminism for Defending Due Process

Michal Dolezal/ZUMA Press/NewscomIn the first year of the Trump presidency, the Hulu television series The Handmaid’s Tale—which concerns a dystopian future U.S. where totalitarian religious authorities subjugate women—became essential #Resistance viewing. Many saw parallels between the treatment of women within the universe of the show and President Trump’s alleged history of abusive behavior. One might […]

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Students Against Free Speech, Political Correctness Run Amok, and Other Findings from Cato’s New Survey

About half of the country’s college students (51 percent) believe disrespectful people should be stripped of their free speech rights, while 55 percent of Americans overall think the opposite—that people are entitled to free speech regardless. That’s according to the Cato Institute’s new, massive survey of American opinions on free speech. The poll contains plenty […]

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Students Were Offended By a Play That Mocks Political Correctness, So Brandeis Cancelled It

Don’t think political correctness is a problem on campus? Try producing a play about it. Renowned playwright Michael Weller conceived a play, Buyer Beware, that mocks activist students and their hostility to politically incorrect humor. He planned to stage a production of it at Brandeis University, the institution that granted him a Creative Arts Award. […]

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