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Radical Feminist Embraces Islam – Guess What Happened To Her Next

Liberals are quick to attack conservatives for violence and misogyny—but continue to give Islam a free pass. Trump Protester & Pro-Sharia protester Radical left-wing activist, Lacy MacAuley, who leads violent protest group “Antifa” in Washington, DC, came to regret that stance—after she accompanied her Muslim boyfriend to his homeland of Turkey, where “misogyny and patriarchy […]

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Sharia New Jersey: Christie vetoes bill that would outlaw child marriage

Chris Christie with Mustafa el-Amin Christie is shamelessly pandering to New Jersey’s Muslims: “An exclusion without exceptions would violate the cultures and traditions of some communities in New Jersey based on religious traditions.” Back in 2011, Christie said: “This Sharia law business is just crap … and I’m tried of dealing with the crazies.” He […]

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