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Silicon Valley Startup Lets Users Move Money Without Government Interference By Turning Their Phones Into Stand-Alone Banks [Reason Podcast]

The world’s immigrants sent more than half a trillion dollars back to their home countries in 2016. This flow of capital—the largest and most effective foreign aid program by a long shot—is encumbered by high fees and other obstructions that are a result of government policies. In the U.S., the remittance industry has been cartelized […]

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Are College Campuses Racist Environments? [Reason Podcast]

“We want to say that campus racism is wherever ‘the other’ is,” says Lawrence Ross, author of Blackballed: The Black and White Politics of Race on America’s Campuses. “But no, [racism] happens at Missouri, Yale, Berkeley, Columbia, my alma mater, UCLA…whether it’s a small college, or a private college, or a state college, it happens […]

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