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Trump to Cut CIA Program That Arms Syrian Rebels. Good—Now Cut the Pentagon’s Program, Too.

Juma Muhammad/ZUMA Press/NewscomThe Trump administration is reportedly cutting a CIA program that has provided arms to Syrian rebels since 2013. This has provoked a heated reaction from a media obsessed with Russia, and from Russia hawks like Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who said such a decision would represent a “complete capitulation” to Bashar Assad, Russia, […]

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Trump Says ‘Inaction’ Not an Option on Healthcare, Another John Wayne Gacy Victim ID’d, Madonna Auction Stopped: P.M. Links

Ed Krayewski|Jul. 19, 2017 4:31 pm johanlb/flickrPresident Donald Trump tells Republican senators “inaction is not an option” on healthcare. The Supreme Court is allowing extended family remembers to remain covered by an exemption to the Trump travel ban. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is rolling out a new policy to make it easier for federal authorities […]

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DOJ Report Highlights Problem of Solitary Confinement of Mentally Ill. Is Privatization a Solution?

Selbe Lynn/flickrThe federal prison system abuses its use of solitary confinement of prisoners, particularly those identified as mentally ill. A new inspector general’s report (PDF) from the Department of Justice (DOJ) illustrates how little oversight there is of the Bureau of Prisons (BOP). The report demonstrates the need for some measure of privatization, with the […]

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Minneapolis Cop Shoots and Kills Australian Woman Through Door of His Car [UPDATED w/ comments from ACLU]

The shooting of Justine Ruszczyk has attracted international attention and outrage for reinforcing the idea that American cops look at citizens as threats rather than employers who hire them to serve and protect them. A Minneapolis police officer reportedly shot Ruszczyk, who was dressed in pajamas, while she was talking to his partner. The officer […]

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Trump Spends Weekend at U.S. Women’s Open, McCain Recovering After Surgery, Jane Sanders Complains About Sexism in FBI Investigation: A.M. Links

President Trump spent the weekend at the U.S. Women’s Open, which was being held at his golf course in New Jersey. It may take a few weeks for John McCain to return to the Senate after surgery. Jane Sanders complained about “sexism” in the FBI investigation into her alleged bank fraud. An American has been […]

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Article of Impeachment Submitted Against Trump, FBI Nominee Testifies, New Photos of Great Red Spot: P.M. Links

Ed Krayewski|Jul. 12, 2017 4:30 pm NASARep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) has submitted an Article of Impeachment against President Donald Trump. He has one co-sponsor so far. Trump’s nominee to head the FBI, Christopher Wray, told the Senate Judiciary Committee he wasn’t asked for a loyalty oath and would resign if he were forced to drop […]

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Putin and Trump Meet, Counterprotesters Outnumber KKK Members, Martial Arts Star Wins Mongolian Presidential Election: A.M. Links

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin met for the first time. Donald Trump Jr. acknowledged that before the election he met with an unbeknownst to him Kremlin-connected lawyer who had said she had information that could help his father’s campaign. More counterprotesters than Klan members showed up at the KKK rally in Virginia. The prime minister […]

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Mercatus Center Scholar to Serve as FCC Chief Economist, Vatican Police Raid Alleged Drug-Fueled Gay Orgy, NASA Celebrates 20 Years on Mars: P.M. Links

Nikki Haley, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, is calling for an escalated response to North Korea after its most recent missile tests. South Korea is calling for tougher sanctions. The Mercatus Center’s Jerry Ellig has reportedly agreed to serve as the Federal Communication Commission’s chief economist. A new bill in the House targeting […]

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Afghan Girl Roboticists Are Denied Visas and Everybody Is Angry

The State Department has rejected visa applications from Afghan and Gambian teams hoping to visit the United States for a robotics competition. But FIRST Global, the nonprofit that organized the event, expects all 160 other participant teams to be able to attend. Compared to the historical averages on such visa issuances, the group considers that […]

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