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Supreme Court Lets Stand 7th Circuit Victory for Rights of Rideshare Customers and Drivers

The Supreme Court today declined to take up the case Illinois Transportation Trade Association v. City of Chicago. That’s great news for Americans who want more choice and opportunity in both using and operating rides-for-hire, both in Illinois and nationwide. Timothy Neesam (GumshoePhotos)/Foter The trade association of Illinois cabbies was appealing an important decision from […]

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The Commission on Presidential Debate’s 15 Percent Polling Criterion Must Go, Argues Lawsuit from Gary Johnson

Electoral politics is like a market, argues Bruce Fein, the lawyer for Gary Johnson (the 2012 and 2016 Libertarian Party candidate for president) and other plaintiffs in an ongoing lawsuit against the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), the Republican and Democratic Parties, and 2012 major party candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The collusive behavior […]

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Free Trade Under Fire in the Age of Trump

The Trump administration’s incomprehension of the benefits, and hostility to the practice, of free trade represents one of the most important current threats to the ideas of liberty, I argue in a new essay up at the Cato Institute’s website, “Free Trade is Under Attack, and It Must be Defended.” The core of the argument: […]

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The United Airlines Incident Does Not Require New Laws, Despite What Chris Christie Says. It Could Have Been Resolved by Intelligent Use of Markets.

Predictably, America’s least popular governor, Chris Christie of New Jersey, approaches the national conversation generated by Chicago aviation police beating up and dragging Dr. David Dao off a United Airlines flight on Sunday by demanding more legal action. Christie, a Republican, is calling for quick federal action to ban the process of “overbooking,” that is, […]

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Texas Contemplates Rewriting Psychologist Licensing Law to Get Around Court Declaring Previous One Unconstitutional

The state of Texas really wants to be able to license psychologists. After being told last year by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals that its existing professional licensing laws regarding psychology were so overbroad they impinged upon First Amendment rights, they are now contemplating amending the definition of “psychologist” that falls under their power […]

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A City in Ohio Treats Seeking Medical Help When Suffering an Overdose as a Criminal “Public Inconvenience”

The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio is peeved with the police department of Washington Court House, Ohio, for a stupidly punitive application of the state’s so-called “inducing panic” laws to pile legal injury on personal crisis against people suffering drug overdoses. CDC As per a letter the ACLU Ohio sent this week to the […]

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First Amendment Victory Over Ban on Political Contributions from Medical Marijuana Businesses in Illinois

The state of Illinois enacted in 2013 a pretty blatantly unconstitutional law forbidding businesses engaged in (legal) medical marijuana sales or growing from contributing to political campaigns, in effect either directly or via a PAC (though only the latter was literally codified). But since candidates were also barred from accepting such contributions, the real legal […]

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