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Liberals Exhibit a Pathology of Deception

How do I conclude liberalism is a pathology based on deception? After being reminded about the TV series Columbo in 2011, I begin asking detective style questions to try to understand why liberals were posting peculiar patterns of debate I had been seeing in thousands of social media and live debates. It was NOT stupidity, […]

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Christians: The “Don’t Talk About Politics” Hoax

Christians, “Don’t talk about politics with other Christians, it might divide us.” When pastors (not all) and liberals tell us conservatives not to talk about politics at church, they encourage a “secret life” of discussing things outside church which are not subjected to our Biblical standard of always speaking the truth – especially the practice […]

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Lead With Truth Not Beliefs

My question is this: “Is there New Testament evidence we should we be speaking more about truth, and less about “believing” or “beliefs”, when we speak to non-believers?” I found all these citations where the apostles said they spoke truth, or implied they spoke it, and then they remarked about creating or not creating belief.  […]

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Key Genetic Code of Liberal DNA Discovered

Liberals have one line of genetic computer code in their head which reveals their propensity to adopt and practice Alinsky-style disruptive debate tactics. By recognizing this genetic, DNA-level bias, conservatives can begin to turn the battle against the communist left: The DNA Code IF (pro- constitutional or anti-liberal fact) THEN       Begin to act stupid about each […]

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Corrupt Media Forces Red Pill/Blue Pill Choice

Red Pill/Blue Pill My research findings force my friends and readers into a Red Pill/Blue Pill conundrum: Red Pill : The red pill causes the human mind to say, but not believe, “The author is an unbalanced, opinionated annoying tongue wagger. Ignore him, and party on.” Blue Pill : The blue pill causes the human mind to […]

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