Author warns America must reclaim culture

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Look around the world. Wars have turned the Middle East and North Africa into perpetual conflict zones.

Refugees from those regions are now flooding into Europe, threatening the peace and security of that continent.

Venezuela, home of the world’s largest oil reserves, has devolved into chaos.

From North Korea, Kim Jong Un now threatens the planet with nuclear weapons.

The world has become an unstable place, and the force that has traditionally held it together is itself growing more and more unsteady, according to author and historian Charles Sasser.

“For at least two centuries, the world, the whole globe has depended upon the United States and Western civilization to stabilize the world,” Sasser said during a recent appearance on Caravan to Midnight. “We’ve been a stabilizing influence throughout the world…. If we’re destabilized, there’s nothing to keep the world stabilized.

“We’re living in probably the most interesting times

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