As many as one in five teens is Christian, new study finds

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As many as one in six young people are ChristianUnsplash

As many as one fifth of teenagers are ‘active followers of Jesus’, according to new research.

And one of the things that encouraged them to give their lives to Christ was visits to church buildings, often with their schools.

The poll was carried out by ComRes months ago but has onlly just been released because researchers were so surprised by the results they had them checked and double-checked. 

For years it has been a widespread view among many that attendance among the young is in terminal decline.

The poll was commissioned by Hope Revolution, a Christian organisation that brings churches and young people together to transform communities. Reported in the Telegraph, it found that 21 per cent of those aged between 11 and 18 describe themselves as ‘active followers of Jesus’ while 13 per cent say they are practising Christians and churchgooers.

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