Animal Species Making a Comeback!

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Many people might be worried that endangered animals are on the verge of extinction but we want to assure you that an ecological collapse isn’t taking place just yet! Thanks to people who dedicated much of their lives researching and saving these animals, they’re beginning to increase in population. Hopefully they won’t come back to bite us later on! From animals that no longer existed in the wild, to polar bears doing what they need to survive here are animals making a come back

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6.Andean condor
This massive new world vulture is found in the Andes mountains and flying around the pacific coastline in south America. It’s the largest flying bird in the world going by it’s wingspan and weight. It’s maximum wingspan can reach nearly 11 feet long and only a few seabirds have a wider wingspan. They managed to survive, being on the brink of extinction thanks to program in America that involves raising young chicks. This bird is considered a scavenger and will basically eat what’s left over of diseased animals. It’s the only bird of prey where the male is actually larger than the female. Their nests are normally high up in the andes mountains at an average elevation of 16000 feet. Captive breeding programs have kept this bird from becoming threatened and thankfully due to their isolation at high elevations, they’re able to stay alive.

5.American Alligator
People in the Southern United States typically enjoy a good gator hunt every now and then and they don’t need to feel quite so guilty while doing so.. They might not need to worry about hunting an endangered creature anymore now since the number of american alligators out there is on the rise. As you can tell from this graph, crocodile nesting in florida went through the roof between 1998 to 2002. Healthy American gators can grow their entire life as long as their well fed so this definitely requires a decent amount of meat. A full grown male gator can get to be on average 15 feet. The longest gator a man claimed to have hunted was found in louisiana and measured to be 19 feet! They could begin to become a nuisance to people living in florida at this point. Are they sure we shouldn’t have just let these animals go extinct?

4.Hyacinth Macaw
You probably know about parrots but the largest species of parrot is known as the Hyacinth Macaw which can weigh up to 3.5 kilograms! They’re mostly spotted in South America in Brazil and parts of Bolivia. They enjoy a vast variety of nuts and seeds. They beaks are so powerful and strong, that they can actually break open a coconut with them! They’re often blue as you can see here and a few being kept in captivity to ensure their safety. The number in the wild has gradually declined but on a positive note, they are able to reproduce under captivity quite quickly.

3.North American Beaver
The north american beaver is a strong and hard working animal that’s capable of constructing dams which improve ecosystems in many cases. Unfortunately, the problem for the beavers is that they made excellent hats and secrete a sweet liquid known as castoreum! That’s right! Many “natural flavorings” especially ones that taste like raspberries. might actually be a secretion from the butt gland of the beaver. Not only is it used in food, it’s also used in perfume adding to the beaver’s value. In the 1800’s, it’s estimated that beavers were all over the place with a population of about 60 million. After being over hunted for their furs, the number went down to the low thousands. The beavers want vengence for the injustices placed upon them and are slowing growing in numbers. Some believe that beavers will negatively impact the environment by creating stillwater ponds which build up in methane which then goes into the atmosphere and causes global warming. There is an estimated 6 million beavers now, possibly set on bringing upon the apocalypse! Beaver, are they harmful or helpful, should we keep making hats from them? Let us know your opinion in the comment sections

2.Arabian Oryx
Brought back from the verge of extinction, the arabian oryx no longer had been living in their natural homes. The only ones that were known to exist were being held in captivity. The animal was hunted quite often by men on camel back with automatic weapons. Not just for sport but also the horns. In the 1950’s, the numbers of oryx had seriously began to dwindle. After people began to realize that there were none left to shoot did they start an effort to conserve the animal take place. Captive breeding programs in the 1970’s gave began to increase their numbers eventually reaching 1,200 for the wild ones in 2019. An addition 6 to 7 thousand are being kept in semi captivity and basically fenced to prevent poaching.


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