Amazing Homemade Inventions for the Zombie Apocalypse

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In a world where zombies rule the land, smart innovative people will have to invent things for the sake of mankind. We’ll have to take things that were useful for a different purpose and put it use for more practical purposes. Hunting, escaping the unliving and powering up you hide out will all becoming extremely important. Some people have already began thinking of innovative ways to create objects that may help us from becoming extinct. Here are the best homemade inventions for the zombie

10. Duct Tape Hammock
Duct tape can really really do quite a few things during the zombie apocalypse but building a sturdy sleeping space off the ground could prove to be extremely useful Any possible problem you might have can ultimately be solved if you got yourself some handy dandy duct tape! In possibly one of the most redneck inventions of all time, the duct tape hammock, should be sturdy enough to fit yourself, but you might need an extra layer if you want it to hold up aunt betty and uncle jimbo.

9 Poop Mobile
Sometimes the only things that might make you stop during a long road are gasoline and using the restroom. Although it’s the zombie apocalypse and no one is going to care where you do your business, it would still require you to stop your vehicle. You certainly don’t want to encounter zombies during such a vulnerable moment. Many problems, not just for rednecks happen when they’re driving and can’t find a place to relieve themselves. With the poop mobile, you can do your business while driving and you wouldn’t even need to purchase any diapers!

8. Zombie Lawnmower
This seems like a pretty good vehicle to mow down zombies. A lawn mower seems to show quite a few good qualities in case you’re dealing with zombies in a rural area. First, it can help trim down high grass that zombies might choose to hide behind and second, you can add a heavy machine gun on one like this guy decided to do. He’s also got a baseball bat handy in case things start to get up close and personal. This homemade patrol vehicle can even fit a member of your zombie team in back as long as he can hold on tight.

7. The couch boat
If you really don’t feel like roughing it out for a long period of time in the forest, far far away from zombies, you can always consider a more cozy alternative by going with trying to make this invention. Make sure you stock up on supplies and take couchboat out to sea. This will let hang out on the water where zombies can’t make it and you can be a couch potato without being worried that zombies are going to break into your house. If you got a fishing rod on board, it’ll almost be like fishing from the comfort of your living room

6. Slingshot Launcher
Let’s make it clear that giant slingshots might not be powerful to seriously damage zombies, but it will certainly make for a great launcher for things like molotov cocktails or even hand grenades. This man here in this photo constructed a giant slingshot, that fires with a trigger and can send a soccer ball about 100 yards.This form of launching will allow for little to absolutely no noise while launching your projectile of choice.

5. Homemade Peashooter
Although this won’t work great against zombies, it should be able to help you take out a bird in the tree in order for you to get dinner that night. It’s really simple to make and only requires a water bottle or even a small pipe, a balloon, a rubber band and/or some duct tape. First, cut off the bottle of a water bottle, then cut off the thin part of the balloon. Get some duct tape and secure it around the opening of the bottle and that’s pretty much all you need to do. It can fire various projectiles such as coins, rocks, pens, barbecue skewers and much much. It can fire with accuracy about 30 feet or so at a high velocity. Just make sure you wear some protective glasses first. Larger projectiles such as the skewers should cause a bit of damage at a close range.

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