“All Sex Offender Registries Should Be Abolished”: Debate, 2/12

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Tomorrow’s Soho Forum/Reason debate asks whether well-intentioned laws to protect victims do more harm than good.

Soho Forum

Do sex offender registries keep predators like serial child molester Larry Nassar, the former USA Gymnastics team doctor, from becoming abusers—or do the laws actually do more harm than good?

“All the laws requiring those convicted of sex offenses to put their names in a registry should be abolished.”

That’s the highly controversial resolution that will be argued at the next Soho Forum/Reason debate, on Monday, February 12 at New York’s Subculture Theater.

Emily Horowitz will argue the affirmative position. She is professor and chair of the sociology and criminal justice department at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, New York, where she founded a program that helps the formerly incarcerated complete college.

Marci A. Hamilton will take the negative. She is Fox Professor of

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