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ALIEN SPECIES we already know about!

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The area 51 raid is coming up in about 2 months now, so it might be important to understand which types of aliens you might make contact with. Some of these creatures could have made deals with our government while others you would definitely not want to take home as your friend. Many aliens were about to mention have been seen on camera, witnessed by abductees and could have been mistaken for demons throughout history. From aliens being kept from the public for good reasons, to other aliens who’ve tried to progress mankind, here are species of aliens on earth.

5.The Pleiadians
The Pleiadians are described as a beautiful species similar to humans with Nordic qualities and are responsible for colonizing several planets. They have made superior advancements in exploration. When this species was invaded by the Reptilians, they quickly developed life elsewhere but are still in a constant struggle for control of the constellation of Lyra. The Pleiadians have the power to teleport. Some believe the pleiadians are the inspiration for the Gods of the Vikings like Odin and Thor. They are an easygoing species and can be easily reached by telepathic and psychic communications. Or maybe not so easy if you put it that way. When humans were testing nuclear weapons at the national nevada security site, they came to communicate with our government. They wanted to negotiate a deal where we surrender our arsenal and stop the testing and in return, they would help society progress on a spiritual and intellectual level. The US government didn’t trust them for whatever reason and decided to refuse the dea and they’ve kept quiet with us sincel.

4. Horlocks or MIB
Horlocks are basically the humans who are so firmly under the hypnotized grip of the Reptilians that they are almost an entire species of alien and deserve at least an honorable mention. Also known as the Men in Black, the horlocks are direct, neurologically altered slaves of the Reptilians and work in organizations such and the CIA, FBI and Secret Service. Some horlocks might actually aliens disguised as humans, using makeup, wigs, black suits, and randomly show up wherever a UFO sighting had occured.They’re often spotted wearing sunglasses in order to hide the true forms of their eyes which are extremely sensitive to light. When often encountered they seem eerily robotic and synthesized. They use threats of intimidation to keep the masses completely silenced who may have encountered a UFO or a reptilian.

Some Reptilians bred themselves to appear more human and less reptile- like, in order to save themselves some time when shape shifting. Sightings of these aliens have happened at New Mexico, Groom Lake, Nevada; Deep Springs, California and elsewhere. In their original form, their eyes kind of bulge out, with scaly, hairless skin. Some Chameleons use artificial lenses in order to appear more human-like and conceal their slit-pupiled Iris. They are currently coming up with their own plot of infiltration of human society but haven’t begun yet. They may have some competition with other Reptilian type aliens in the future but their ability to shape shift quicker, could be an advantage..Some of these are held captive at area 51 and are kept in cages to keep them from escaping. If they do escape, the only way to identify one is hold a light up to their eyes. If their pupils don’t shrink, they’re alien.

2.Interdimensional Aliens
Interdimensional Aliens were discussed in a FBI document dating back to July 8th 1947 which discusses a peaceful group of extraterrestrials who travel in flying saucers. They don’t actually live on any kind of planet but in another dimension, possibly some kind of parallel universe. This would seem to suggest using wormholes for time travel or something of that nature. Not to be mistaken for the nordic aliens, these space people are substantially taller than us. They’re ships possess a type of radiant energy which was also described later on by former area 51 scientist Bob Lazar. These beings are able to shapeshift and disappear when they need to. Their bodies are able to materialize when they enter our planet with higher levels of dense matter. The document also suggests that they could have possibly communicated with these visitors using radar but not by radio.


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