After the fire: In praise of slow reading

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Back when I was a student, I was jolted by a throwaway comment by a senior and much-admired lecturer. There was nothing particularly spiritual or theological about it: he just casually mentioned that he had ‘re-read’ a classic novel.

I wasn’t the only one to feel a mixture of envy and despair at this. At our stage of learning, we were frantically absorbing as much information as we could. We were conscious of the hundreds of books we ought to have read and hadn’t, and the thousands we’d like to read and hadn’t time to. The idea of re-reading something for pleasure was alien to us, an unattainable luxury.


And that was before the internet got going. Nowadays we’re subjected to a blizzard of images, a storm of words, a tempest of ideas, opinions and memes. Everything is immediate and everything is new. FOMO – the Fear of Missing

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