Abandoned Places in Texas

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The lone star state is known for having the most ghost towns in the US and there are plenty of little abandoned towns within the borders of this vast territory. From places fit for a chainsaw movie, to desolate villages with ruins from the past, here abandoned places in texas.

15. Terlingua, Texas
The discovery of what’s known as cinnabar here in the 1880’s brought miners to the area, which created a bustling city of 2000 people. Cinnabar is what mercury is extracted from which we all know is a toxic substance. But nonetheless, miners need mercury to purify gold and for other reasons. In the early 1900’s, the population rose to 3 thousand people. However, it was clear that this city wasn’t meant to last forever as the mines began to encounter continuous flooding which meant getting money was difficult. It’s located next to Big Bend National Park which helps it still get some visitors but for the most part, it’s mainly abandoned.

14. Forbidden Gardens
Located in Katy, Texas near San Antonio, you used to have the chance to see another replica of a monument on the other side of the world! They have a bunch of full scale Terra Army soldiers and a 1:20 scale replica of the forbidden city in China. This outdoor museum probably isn’t something you’d expect to be seen in China but nonetheless it opened in 1996 with funding from Ira Poon. it eventually closed its doors in 2011 to make room for a new highway and this park wasn’t meant to be

13. Futuro Houses
There’s quite a few strange houses out there in Texas that we’ll get to later and the Futuro house is certainly one of them. Don’t worry! Aliens haven’t landed on earth just yet but This flying saucer style house can be only found in a few different parts of the world but this one we see here is abandoned and located in Rockwall County, Texas. This looks like one of the creepier places to explore in the Lone Star State and this photo was captured from the interior. It looks as though vandals, or disturbed people got in there and wrote some disturbing messages. The futuristic houses were taken off the market and were a big business failure. The way they were constructed makes them nearly impossible to disassemble and it’s been sitting on the side of the highway for decades now, intriguing travellers.

12. Toyah Texas
Somewhere in between San Antonio and El Paso is where you’ll find a little dot on the map known as Toyah. If you’re looking to really leave behind civilization and enjoy some simple country life, then maybe you could move to toyah texas. There aren’t a whole lot of people living in this town with only a population of 90. It has a pretty grim history in the 1900’s with much lawlessness from some of those no good dirty cowboys. In september of 1928, amelia Earhart made a short landing in the town. The best thing to check out here is the historic high school that was founded in 1912 and it certainly looks like no one’s been showing up for class lately.

11. Caddo Lake Abandoned House
While the west side of texas is mostly desert, the eastside can get a little bit swampy.The lake is found on the border of Texas and Louisiana and had been utilized by native americans well before Europeans showed up. While many people might believe that new orleans was the only place affected by hurricane katrina, that’s not the case and people living in this area had to evacuate as well. Gathering the courage to explore this swampy ecosystem isn’t easy but you might uncover some hidden houses like this one. The lake is currently the host for an invasive plant species which is wreaking havoc on the area known as giant Salvinia. It was introduced here on accident from africa and there definitely isn’t a proven method of removing it just yet. It manages to grow twice its size in only a matter of a few days and can destroy not only homes but fish as well.

10. Walnut Ridge
This mysterious and old looking house is located in Gonzales Texas and was designed for the state leading architect in 1901. The man named J Riely Gordon made himself home here for quite a while until it would eventually. Throughout his career, he was inspired by different places around the world but especially the auvergne region of France. Having a prestigious job such as an architect would lead you to believe that he would want to design a house that was pretty snazzy. While some of his homes were more maintained throughout the years, such as the Dilworth HOuse, this home was a little more neglected. Despite it not being kept up with, the house is actually still in pretty good condition for being over 120 years old.

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