A movie about ‘safe spaces’ on college campuses

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Podcaster comedian Adam Carolla and author-talk host Dennis Prager are tackling the new concept on college campuses of creating “safe spaces,” meaning isolating students from ideas they find repugnant.

The film, “No Safe Spaces,” will be produced by Mark Joseph, whose recent projects include “The Vessel” with Martin Sheen and “Max Rose” with Jerry Lewis. The director is Justin Folk for Madison McQueen Films. Folk, making his debut as a director, has worked in visual effects on “The Incredible Hulk” and “The Matrix” franchise.

Don’t expect Hollywood to put money into this project. If you want to support the crowdfunding program at Indiegogo.com.

“College campuses are supposed to be where diversity of opinion is celebrated, not silenced,” said Carolla, who will star with Prager in the film.

The phenomenon on university campuses is relatively new, but it has taken root since the election of Donald Trump. Some of the “safe spaces” are

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