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John Witherspoon

He lost two sons in the Revolution and was the only clergyman to sign the Declaration. His name was John Witherspoon.

A delegate from New Jersey, he declared: “Gentlemen, New Jersey is ready to vote for independence. … The country is not only ripe for independence, but we are in danger of becoming rotten for the want of it!”

He served on 120 Congressional committees and was a primary proponent of the separation of powers, insisting checks be placed on the power of government.

John Witherspoon was born in Scotland on Feb. 5, 1723, and died near Princeton, New Jersey, on Nov. 15, 1794. He was a descendant of the Reformer John Knox.

John Witherspoon was president of Princeton, formerly called the College of New Jersey. Witherspoon taught 12 members of the Continental Congress, and 9 of the 55 writers of the U.S. Constitution, including James Madison.


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