20 CRAZIEST Haircuts

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From getting it trimmed off the top with a chainsaw, to state sanctioned hairstyles in North Korea, here are the top 20 craziest haircuts.

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6. Surprise Haircut
People at the office using the copy machine better be a little bit careful or this could possibly happen to them. This isn’t the typical way you want to go about getting a haircut, and someone might have to use a pair of office scissors. It appears as though someone’s hair was just a little bit too long in this scenario and it got stuck in the part where people put the paper to be copied. We’re hoping this is just a wig that got caught or it could be one of the worst days at work ever.

5. Bangs Braid
Hair does always grow back but bad haircuts can leave you looking pretty goofy until they grow back. The pain however, with photos taken, may last for eternity when you look back at your old school yearbooks. This guy here was posing for his stylish school yearbook photo and after flipping pages from the past, he’ll realise he was probably slightly confused. It’s unclear whether or not this was a juggalo haircut or not.

4. Walmart Haircuts
Walmart might certainly have some low prices on just about everything, but many are quite curious how and why exactly they get that way and are you sacrificing a little bit of quality? If you’re looking for a cool haircut that no one has ever seen before, walmart could be the place to go. It’ll be cheap, quick and it’ll look like they took a chainsaw to your hair! On second thought, just pay the extra 10 bucks for a quality cut.

3. The Old Man Cut
Although we’re sure this kid is too young to start developing male pattern baldness, his haircut would make you think otherwise. At the moment, he doesn’t seem very happy about the way he looks and it’s possible the parent is getting a laugh out of all of this. Maybe he could look back at it and laugh some day when he actually looks like that. Would be the perfect time for a flashback photo.

2. The Pineapple Due
When it comes to making your head look like a fruit, this guy should win some kind of award. Not only did he dye his hair green, he alway shaved rectangles into his head, to give it that texture. You have to assume that he’s drinking pineapple juice to see if he can actually turn himself into one.

Hangover Haircut Surprise
Ever try to go to class hungover and really need nap. You can’t do it because you know your teacher will wake you up, then put you in detention. So maybe this guy here can tell you how to getaway with it. With those glasses and that beard, it sure does seem like he knows a few things we don’t. It turns out that once you draw the face of this man on the back of your friends head, he starts to talk when he wakes up. So watch out.

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