15 Secrets Airlines Don’t Want You To Know?

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If you consider yourself to be a little bit big boned that you might not be too happy to find out that the seats are getting smaller. We’re sure the average flight passenger isn’t getting any smaller so you have to believe this is done to save money in one way or another. The average amount of legroom on a coach flight on spirit airlines has reached an all time low of only 28 inches. The width of the seat has shrunk about an inch going from 18 inches down to 17. One of the best airlines to go with when it comes to comfortable seating would be jetblue who offers 34 inches in legroom and 32 inch seats at the moment, but who knows when that will change. The more passengers on the plane the money in their pockets.

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6. World’s Longest Flight
It’s possible the airline companies do want you to know about this flight, but you’ll be glad we warned you about it! How long do you think you can make it on a flight with no layover or connecting flights. Singapore airlines has received many great awards for their airlines but maybe they’re pushing it a tad with this new flight. A non-stop adventure will cover 10,300 miles during a time span of 18 hours and 45 minutes. This will connect New York City to eastern asia like never before. It’s set to carry about 161 passengers which is never easy for the crew. They have to be able to sleep eventually right”? Imagine your shift going on for 18 hours, yikes!

5. Incognito Flight Searches
If you’re considering about using your personal computer or laptop to purchase your tickets as most people typically do, there’s a little trick that might help ensure you get the cheapest possible price. Have you ever searched for flight tickets for a specific place and then notice all the ads that pop up for travelling there afterwards? Google uses cookies and shows ads based on certain searches and those flights might increase their price based on how much you search flights. It’s best to search for flights using incognito mode in order to ensure they’re not using the cookies against us! Each time you open an incognito search it refreshes your cookies so you don’t have to worry about it. Some believe this is just a myth but with the way google keeps track of our searches, it probably can’t hurt in any case.

4. Use Search Engines
Getting a good understanding of the search engines online will also help you book the cheapest ticket. Many search engine sites for flights will definitely inflate the prices and in order for them to make a cut. Websites like expedia have been known to take advantage of the system in order to get higher cuts. One of the best sites to use, based on our research would be skyscanner which seemed to have the best prices for the same exact flights. Sites like google flights can be used to show which dates might be cheapest to get outta town but you shouldn’t book through it.

3. Book Your Own Connecting Flights
You might notice that bigger airports might have cheaper prices that where you’re flying from and long flights typically mean layover somewhere. Let’s say your flying from canada to Australia. This typically requires a layover in Los Angeles which is might be out of the way depending on the province. If get purchase separate tickets for the flight from canada to La and then another ticket from La to australia, it might turn out to be cheaper than connecting it all in one flight. Say you want to fly from Montreal to LA, it would be much cheaper in some cases to get to Boston somehow by bus or train before spending the extra money by flying from Montreal. Let us know if you know any travel secrets to save cash in the comment section. Sites like kiwi can help show you what places are best to fly into first.

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