14 Famous Logos with HIDDEN Meanings!

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Not everything is as clear as it seems and big companies might use clever logos that are proven to get your attention. From colors that make you crave certain foods to mysterious symbols used by the salvation army here are famous logos with secret/hidden meanings.

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7. The Colors You Crave
Ever notice so many fast food restaurants use the same colors in their logos? Pizza hut, burger king, Mcdonalds, wendy’s, in and out, El Pollo Loco all have one thing in common. They all use some shade of yellow and red in their logos. Is there something about these colors that just drive you crazy and absolutely make your crave fast food? The answer is basically yes. There is a reason why they all tend to basically use the same colors. Researchers have came to the conclusion that yellow and red tend to be the colors that grab the most attention, increase appetite, make you want to eat faster and just simply make you crave. They also tend to use these same color schemes inside the restaurants so you can’t escape the temptation. In order to keep yourself in check, it’s suggested that you just order from the drive thru and enjoy your meal at home or at a park.

6. Wendy’s
Wendy’s was founded by Dave Thomas in the late 1960’s in columbus, Ohio and it’s the third largest hamburger producer fast food chain in the world. Wendy’s was named after dave Thomas’ fourth child Melinda Lou Wendy Thomas. Dave Thomas was also a known freemason But what secrets could this little ginger girl be hiding? Can you spot her secret! If you look close enough at her collar, right above the logo, you might be able to see the word mom inscribed. When word got out that the wendy’s logo might be hiding a secret word, the company responded that it was unintentional and people are just seeing things. Other people believe it was put there to remind them the wendy’s is like the old fashioned cooking your mom would make. What do you believe?

5. Baskin-Robbins
Founded by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins in Glendale, California in 1945, Baskin Robbins is possibly the largest chain of Ice cream in the world with over 7,500 stores worldwide. This famous company sells their product in about 50 countries across the globe and their logo is well recognized. But could there be a sneaky little secret that their logo is hiding? Baskin Robbins has advertised being able to sell 31 different flavors and you can see that by taking a look at their logo. The B and the R are pink and blue but it’s like that for a reason. You can see that 31 is clearly visible in pink showing off the amount the flavors they got. Beat that, Ben and Jerry’s

4. Toblerone
During World War 1 the French had their own defensive structure called the maginot line so what did the Swiss have? They had the Toblerone line. It where here where they places strategic Dragon’s Teeth fortification with the purpose of preventing tanks from cruising into their neutral little country! The fortifications looked so much like the Swiss chocolate, Toblerone, that it earn it’s nickname that way. As another part of their fortifications, the swiss used an innocent little pink house and fortified it with machine guns! This is called the villa Rosa and it’s an incognito stronghold with fake windows. Normally when you open the garage, you’d expect to see a car. Here when you open the garage, you get two big cannons! So watch out! You can also notice there’s a bear in the mountain of the toblerone logo since the swiss capital of Bern is referred to as the city of bears.

3. Tostitos
Possibly America’s favorite brand of tortilla chip is Tostitos which are heavily advertised during sporting events and there’s even a football game known as the tostitos fiesta bowl! In 1978, the fritos-lay’s company decided to do their best to make a chip that had an authentic mexican taste to it. After uncovering some secrets, they launched tostitos to the public with and they became a huge success. Now there’s all kinds of tostitos you can buy but you’ll notice that they all have a similar logo. In the middle of the word, the T, I and T come together to form two people, placing a chip into salsa.

2. McDonalds
This logo is seen as being american as apple pie and they manage to sell, and Greenpeace accused them of destroying parts of the amazon rainforest in order to make way for soybean plants to feed to chickens. Protests have broken out, about this company’s treatment of animals on countless occasions. Once again the CEO is making roughly 16 million in 2016 and is expected to continue rising. has been accused of contributing to childhood obesity and even targeting kids to eat their unhealthy food. They are also the largest distributor of toys in the world and roughly 20 percent of their sales include a toy.


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