12 Forgotten and Abandoned Airbases!

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Air bases are extremely strategic locations that the military relies on for the transportation of troops, supplies, and other important resources to fund their war effort. For whatever reasons, many airbases have gone abandoned whether they were too expensive or just no longer needed during a time a peace. In a never ending quest to have the best technology and runways available, conventional airports are left to rot in some countries as newer ones take their place. The airplanes that once filled these bases have gone neglected as well as time continues to pass us by. From airfields that were used in the cold war, to even personal planes used by elvis, here are abandoned and forgotten aircraft and bases.

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5. Bali Abandoned Aircraft
The island of Bali is known around the world as being a top place for going on a resort style vacation. However, some tourists might be surprised to come across this abandoned Boeing 737. It’s not on a runway but actually found in a limestone quarry. You can find it on google earth on the southern coast of the Bukit Peninsula, only minutes from beautiful beaches. It’s believed that the owner of the aircraft had trouble paying it off and it just slowly started rusting away! Keeping up with those private plane expenses can get a bit rough! It’s located on private property but photographers and urban explorers might pay the price to check it out. On street view you can see parts of the tail popping out but local guides suggest climbing up on one of the containers if you wanna quick look.

4. Haapsalu Airfield
Situated just a few miles away from that the town of haapsalu, creepy abandoned runway is left abandoned. This was once used to store long range aircraft, possibly long enough to run attacks on the US. The Soviet military operated this device since they took over estonia in the mid 1940’s . It was mostly used for interceptor jets, however, in case the US decided attack Russia during the cold war. The facility had 28 plane hangars and it’s been sitting in an open field as a reminder of Estonia’s occupied past. No one has really seen a reason completely destroy the airfield, in fact, they’ve began to use it for drag races! Here you might see some kind of drifting going on which isn’t even illegal though here. What’s even spookier, is that the cement plane hangars have all their metal doors removed some people might decide to explore the interior. The creepy buildings from the past seem to double as echo chambers and they were so well built that they reflect any noise made inside.

3. Ellinikon Abandoned Airport Planes
Formerly the main international airport of Athens, it was located in a nearby suburb and served roughly 11 million passengers each year on average. Built in 1938, it was under german occupation for quite some time and was transformed into an airbase. Later on, it was utilised as an american airbase but the last flight took place here in 2011. A few planes have been stuck here ever since and who knows if they’ll ever soar through the skies again. Here we see an aerial view of some olympia airline passenger planes that most likely have some mechanical issues. The new airport used for the athenians and travellers is found to the east of of this forgotten area. You can zoom in on google maps and 7 different planes but it doesn’t seem as though they’ll be taking off anytime soon due to the condition of the runway.

2. Lockheed JetStar, Hound Dog II
Elvis presley was known for owning one but other heads of state use the jetstar as their presidential plane as well known as the Hound dog II which is displayed at graceland as well as the Lisa Marie who was named after his daughter. The hound dog used to transport the king of rock and roll to various concerts or pretty much wherever he wanted to go. The planes cannot fly so they will likely be sold to private buyers some time in the future which has upset many elvis fans. As of right now though, you can see two planes currently parked at graceland, so they should still be there.


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